The bookmark manager made for developers.

Save and tag all your 100+ tabs, automatically.

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What does Depths do?

We do all the boring work of knowledge organisation for you.

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AI-powered organisation

Our AI do all the sorting, tagging and organising for you.

Spend more time digesting information, not on organising them.

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Got plenty of courses?

Organise your resources in different workspaces.

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See what knowledge you're into the most,
and what platforms do you use most often.

What makes Depths a great knowledge base app?

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Our AI automatically tag your saved resources based on the context and HTML content.

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Estimated read time

Each resources is marked with an estimated read time.

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Full-text Search

Search all the content in the saved link.

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Organise your knowledge in workspaces for different projects or courses.

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Advanced 256-bit encryption

Encryption to protect you while syncing.

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Cloud based

Access your knowledge base in anywhere, anytime.